by the modern three

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This album was recorded live in our living room. People usually say our music sounds like old school punk.


released July 25, 2017

we would sincerely like to thank the following people involved: Samuel Adams, Amber Bock, Jack Daniels, Becks,



all rights reserved


the modern three Apple Valley, California

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Track Name: Sick to my stomach
day by day I'm trying real hard not to think about her
but its the sound of her voice at night that keeps me awake
no lie kinda feel sick to my stomach
night by night its real hard not to sleep without her
and if its bad dreams I have I will awake alone not to find her
and if one day this didn't matter
Track Name: Second date
I wrote a melody in a hospital I walked up and down the halls
to figure out if all of this was a mistake
sitting in the hospital not knowing just wondering if she's ok
over cast emergency i'll drive you home
we smoked a cigarette in the parking lot of the beach
Track Name: Alcoholic
six in the morning and I got a drink in my hand
I've been accused of many things before
I've been accused of being an alcoholic
an alcoholic
12 at night and I got a joint in my hand
Track Name: The mall
it was Thursday at 4:45 when I bought two records and I got a broken heart sat down and talked about it
we were harassed by a religious lady and don't be jealous and that your not the only one the only one that gets lonely and I know that your feeling it too I got it made
Track Name: Pheelings
come on come on go out tonight we promise it will be fun then some cowboy redneck trash spilt beer on my new mocks
why do I got these feelings
come on come on its time for us to go home me this couch some beer and whats good on tv get the fuck off of the stage i've seen how much you've changed she's not the same person that I used to know
Track Name: Monsters dont sleep
I'm depressed yet once again alone in my room and I cant sleep
theres times it leaves you got that home sick sorta vibe
it never cares for you they're turning off the lights
little do they know the monsters don't sleep they come alive
are you sharp enough to cut through this pain its 5 am and the sun comes up and I guess I missed my chance
Track Name: Trick slut bitch
all the guys know her shes in a punk rock band
shes a trick slut bitch
all the girls know her on a personal level
Track Name: Blister in the sun (shitty cover)
you probably know the lyrics to this cover of violent femmes